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Medications and treatments are intended for you to pursue a better and healthier life. However, the biggest issue while being on medication is that you need to remember when and how often you have to take your doses. While this might sound easy for you, it often turns out to be the most troublesome task.

So if you want to lessen your chances of the oops moments of missing out on taking your pills that end up risking your life, then we can help you with that with our comprehensive solution!

The Pillbox pill reminder app is the most versatile tool available on the internet for compiling all the information regarding your prescribed medications and their dosages. From reminders of taking your pills on time to notifications for your doctor's consultations, you can plan your entire week in one place without much hassle. The objective behind the application is to personalize and improve your health by providing you with reminders of the right time for your scheduled medications. You will get notifications regarding your plan that makes the Pillbox medication reminder app to be the ideal and most handy tool for your daily planning. Besides this, you can access it anywhere and at any time.

Benefits of using Pillbox

Web app which allows you
​ do not forget to get medications in time
“Very useful app. Used it when I was pregnant.
I had to take a lot of vitamins and the app reminded me
to take them on time. Very helpful.” Maryana Maryana
“The doctor prescribed to take the necessary medications
periodically, so I used Pillbox
which reminded me to take them on time.” Vitaly Vitaly

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